Know the Benefits of Using WordPress

Benifits of using wordpress
There are apparently many CMS (Content Management System) platforms which are available for people. However, WordPress is one of the most used platforms for many people around the world. They take up over 34% of all the
market share on all the websites which is on the internet. As far as the CMS market is concerned, they are said to take up over 60% of all websites on the  internet. We look at the various benefits of using WordPress which come along with a website owner opting to use it and the reasons for it to be so successful.

Here we look at a few benefits which keeps increasing the number of people choosing to use WordPress for their websites and blogs.

Open source Program with Abundant Features

As we all know WP is an open source program which is one of the key benefits that someone has when they choose to use it. Apart from this website owners are said to be attracted towards it due to its ease of use and user friendliness.
WP is also loaded with features which are easy to use by even a novice with just the basic computer operating knowledge.

Adaptability to Free Plugins

There are said to be thousands of plugins which you can download and install for WP which is available for free on the internet. These plugins are said to make this platform much easier to use and are loaded with unlimited features.
While some of the plugins are available at cost one can still go on with just the free plugins to be able to get their website live on the internet.

SEO Friendly

A lot of people often spend hundreds of dollars to optimize their website for it to be search engine friendly. However, with WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes along with the platform. This means one does not have to
spend money specially dedicated to SEO.

Community Support

The support that one has with using WP is relatively high when compared to any other platform on the web. You can just go on to forums and blogs on WordPress and have your questions answered in a short period of time. This can be very useful especially when you start using this application for the first time with so many questions that you may have as you keep using it.

Social Media Integration 

Integrating your website developed with WP is easier as it is one of the associated features of this platform. It also has a responsive web design which allows social media integration to be performed within minutes.

Overall, if you take a complete look at the WordPress platform you would have more pros than cons to be worried about. Apart from the above-mentioned benefits you can rely on many other benefits which are not stated above. Once you start using this platform you would get to know yourself about how good it can be and other details as well. You may talk with the best WordPress Company in your area and with the experts who work in it. They would not just tell you how good a program it is but also the importance it has with numerous websites around the world as well.

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