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Believe it or not but E-karigar is the best offshore data entry company out of all the companies that are based in India. We excel all the data service requirements whether it is on going or one time. You can trust us with100% reliability and accurate data entry services at the most reasonable price that are available in the market.

We have a wide range of online and offline data entry services. Our data entry solutions will help you to gain focused solutions that caters to all business data management objectives. Not only this we provide quick output at best possible rate and data accuracy among all the spheres of industry.

Our data entry specialists delivers accurate data entry in printed/handwritten documents or online source that is PDF or excel sheets or direct database as per your company’s requirement.

We Offer Data Entry Services across Industries Including:

Real Estate Data Entry Services - EkarigarTech

Real Estate: We assist those people who are owner in real estate, realtors, and other real estate professionals with online and offline entry of data generated from legal documents, property valuation statements, sales and commission details, addition of latest properties for sale or rent and various other real estate relevant documents.

Information Technology Data Entry Services - EkarigarTech

Information Technology and Services: We provide solution for encompassing online / offline data entry, internet research and data collection, contact information collection, data extraction from website, data conversion & cleansing are customizable and developed to meet individual business requirements of ITES & Computer Software companies which will help you to achieve the goals of the organization easily.

Retail & E Commerce Data Entry Services - EkarigarTech

Retail & E commerce: We provide data entry experts those experts provides personalized e Commerce data entry services to retailers across the world We take care of online store management, product upload, catalog data entry, catalog processing, precise category management, assigning unique identifiers, attractive product descriptions and pictures, customized offers that bear real value, market and competition analysis and top-notch customer support – the most critical necessities of any online store.

Professional Data Entry Services - EkarigarTech

Consulting & Professional Services: Our data entry solutions are a fine blend of web scrapping services followed with online / offline data & document data entry, data cleansing and data validation, data processing, invoice data entry etc., and assist business consulting company and professional service providers in streamlining their data processing procedures to make profitable growth.

Travel Hospitality Data Processing - EkarigarTech

Travel & Hospitality: We provide cutting edge data entry services to leading players in the travel and hospitality, providing them back office support for web research and data collection, booking management, fares and ticketing, refund processing, invoice/order processing etc. We enable hotels, restaurants, casinos, online travel agencies, car rental companies and so on to encash on outstanding guest experience, before, during and after the travel.

Logistics & Cargo Data Management

Logistics & Transportation: Our online/offline cost effective data entry solutions actively support Logistics & Transportation companies to process their information about shipment and transportation to ensure efficient pickup and delivery of their shipments. We are experts at invoice processing, bill of lading verification and data entry, B3 form data entry for customs brokerage businesses, freight bill audit and processing etc.

Healthcare Medical Billing Services - EkarigarTech

Healthcare: We assist healthcare companies, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical enterprises, doctors and medical health insurance payers in managing and digitizing data generated about patients, their treatments, chart details, account information, insurance plans, claims data, admission, medical diagnosis, doctor’s remarks, billing, and settlement records; making it electronically accessible, streamlining operations and providing improved patient care.

School Educational Data Entry Services - EkarigarTech

Education: We assist colleges, universities, schools and education institutions to manage students’ contact details, marks, attendance records, performance reports and other information. With help of double entry method, we also key-in accurate data from documents, reports, surveys, questionnaires, graphs, charts, etc. in required file formats.

Banking, Finanace & Insurance Data Entry Services - EkarigarTech

BFSI: We provide a comprehensive range of BPO services to wide variety of product lines across product lines across Capital Markets; Consumer, Retail and Commercial Banking; and Wealth, Asset Management and Investment Banking. We assist them to keep pace with competition amidst constantly changing IT landscape. Data entry of information, online and offline, for account opening forms, rebate forms, financial sheets / reports, financial and legal documents etc. is what our teams of experts manage for banking and financial services.

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