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What is API Development?

API is a set of subroutine definitions, protocols and tools for building application software in simpler language. It is a set of clearly defined methods of communication between various software components.

An API may be for a web solution, software module, plugin, web application or web design as it lays down the protocol for accessing a web based app. It plays an integral role in the successful working of your business as it is an important component that helps in reliable interaction between computer hardware, database and software components.

The user who is using the software can only see the interface of your software. API is developed to attach to different applications and work in the background so that the user will not face any difficulty when the change of the application is happening. For example users of your e-commerce website, who use a credit card for purchase, do not see the dialog between your software and the credit card’s authentication program. API’s handles this.

E-karigar’s user experience and user interface design team is so dedicated that they can assist you in developing visually stunning yet usable mobile web apps and websites for the organization.

They will give you n number of options to choose from that will reflect your brand by following the guidelines for creation. Amazing UI will really help your business in getting the target audience.

How we do it

While designing a site we keep two factors in consideration

  1. First factor being user experience design. We examine the behavior of pattern of users from different demography and make a blue print by considering all the information that we have.
  2. Second step is the user interface based on the blue print that we have made by combining all the information that we examined. The User Interface designer designs every element that a user can engage and interact with an actual live task, making it simple and better for the users. Our designer are the best at what they do and they are absolutely marvelous at their job.


Key API Development Services

We provide API development and API integration services across all industry verticals. We develop and integrate APIs for web, cloud, mobile applications and more.

API Development for Mobile Applications

With increasing use of mobile phones across all domains, more and more Mobile Apps are being created every day. We can create APIs for your mobile apps to achieve the following objectives & much more:

  • Check data usage, account balances, pay bills
  • Schedule appointments, finding map locations using the GPS

API Development for Cloud Computing

Cloud APIs allow software to request data and computations from services by using a direct or indirect interface. These could be cross-platform or vendor specific. Using cloud-based API, administrators and developers are able to integrate applications into the cloud. Cloud APIs find use in Social Networking Development, Google Drive based applications to organize, back up, share contents etc.

API Development for Web-based Services

A web API works as an interface for both the web server and web browser. It is a framework for building HTTP services that can be used by a broad range of clients including browsers, tablets and mobiles. Web APIs provide device compatibility and allow Web apps to access:

  • Information about device hardware (such as battery status)
  • Data stored on devices (such as calendars or contacts list)

Our API Development Expertise Includes

  • .NET integration
  • Integration with Google APIs (AdSense, Charts, YouTube, Finance, Maps, Search, Language, etc.)
  • Integration with Java Script / XML / REST based APIs
  • Integration with Yahoo APIs (Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Search)
  • Paypal, CC Avenue, PayU, Insta Mojo Integration
  • SMS Gateway Integration (One way and 2 way)
  • Shipping API Integration (FEDEX & UPS)
  • Skype based API Integration
  • Twitter API development
  • Web API Integration and Development
API Development - EkarigarTech

High Performance API Development

All APIs are not created equal. APIs can be a company’s biggest asset. They can also be a company’s biggest liability. To avoid an un-ending stream of support calls, it’s important to get API programming done just right. At e-karigar, we have vast experience in successful API development and Interface Development. We provide well-structured code design with proper authentication that ensures high performance of your software applications.

We have a team of highly experienced web application developers, who have the capability to create well designed APIs

e-karigar Brings You Seamless API Integration

API implementation is more than just API development, and API integration is an equally important aspect of the process. While invisible to the end users, APIs are essential for communication between different programs. It is crucial to integrate the different components of the APIs seamlessly to ensure smooth flow of control between various pieces of the software.

Our API Integration Services, allow you to smoothly integrate industry-leading tools into your own applications and products.

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