PPC or SEO which is more effective now a days


Modern-day digital marketing has been growing on a large scale.The online market is growing on a daily basis. The demand is increasing so you can always experience a certain amount of traffic limit in server. This is a golden time where online marketers can see this as an opportunity to grow the business.

But the competition is too high and you need to have great expertise in technical know-how. Some latest technology is taking place in online marketing strategies. For those who are involved in this – they know how PPC and SEO can change the online business forever.PPC and SEO are the latest marketing strategies to increase traffic and make the business effective.

Well-optimized business strategies are the main reason to become a successful digital marketing company in India.

Get to know the difference between PPC v/s SEO.


What are these two strategies stand for? PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are related to each other in the same online business segment. SEO is responsible to make the business stay in a higher rank and get good traffic. While PPC decides how much traffic you are going to have and how much will be the estimated income.

If you are running an online businessthen using PPC or SEO or both will be very beneficial for your business. But having the two methods onboard may become hectic for you to control. In this article, you will get to know which method will be more effective for your business and why.

How SEO can make your business effective

SEO helps to increase organic traffic on a large scale.

  • Awareness –the target keywords and trendy topics can be generated accordingly to your business. SEO helps to put the brand or content in front of the clients that increase the traffic as well as awareness.
  • Advertising –in the online area, there will always be the high number of searchers exist. Many of them are really willing to purchase products. SEO helps to show the products in front of them first so that business advertising can be done properly.
  • Gaining trust and attracting traffic – users like to skip ads to directly go to organic results. That symbolizes high visibility to the audience. SEO helps the business to stay on top to show the organic results directly to the customers.
  • Increasing traffic –this is the main functionality of SEO. At the end of the day, how much traffic your business is attracting matters. SEO makes the business to stay on a high rank. This leads to having more views and this way, high traffic is generated.
  • Estimate cost from every click – when it comes to organic traffic, it is basically free. You need to visible your brand to the customers and only then you will be able to get the money from every click. The charges per click are not fixed.
  • ROI – ROI (Return on Investment) is directly related to SEO. ROI is slow in the SEO industry and it may take a while to get the expected ROI. Or if your efforts are effective then you may get it quickly. Organic ROI can be generated quickly and more than the PPC method.
  • Investment – it is true that SEO requires an investment but if you compare this to other business marketing strategies then you will find that it is the most cost-effective strategy. The investment in SEO is totally worth it.
  • Sustainability – if the market gets lower or a price drop happens then your business can still sustain with the help of SEO tactics. In the case of hard market share moment, SEO can be useful to generate a certain limit of traffic.
  • Increasing CTR – CTR (Click Through Rate) is the main reason behind the income of SEO. It is higher than any other business marketing tactics.

SEO helps to get a high number of click. In case it is paid or free organic search, you will always get anoverall high number of clicks in SEO. The clicks are converted as views and each view gets paid according to the terms and conditions. The visibility matters to get high clicks and increase CTR.

  • Possibility – A strong and flexible visibility is the requirement for every business. For a business, it’s not possible to advertise each and every content to the audience. Once the visibility level is achieved, it’ll be easy because you don’t have to use every product detail. Only brand advertising will be enough.
  • Strategical advantage –Achieving visibility is the ultimate aim of any online business. It is not easy but SEO strategy can be an effective option for business growth. The strategical advantage is the core part of any business.


Effectiveness of PPC

PPC is basically the paid search. Organic traffic exists in every business marketing strategy and it’s free. Now, you may think if there is already free traffic exists then why it’s needed to get the paid search traffic?

Here is the answer.

  • Deciding the ad position –PPC decides where to put the ads on a webpage. The ads generated by PPC can’t be avoided or neglected by the readers. PPC strategy provides 4 ads for PCs and 3 ads for smartphones. Visitors have to go through the ads to go to the next page.
  • Better ads – With the help of PPC strategy you can make the ads more effective. More space will be given where you can successfully show the ads. Ads granular control will be given to you on a high-extent. Overall, you can provide the marketing messages more clearly by SMS, calls, sitelinks, bullet points.
  • Visuality on the next level – PLAs (Product Listing Ads) are necessary for business. Like example, Google provides visual ads for the products when you search for something. This is generated by PPC. The ads are related to the search results. Users tend to visit visual ads with high preference.
  • Brand visibility – like SEO, PPC plays a direct role to increase brand visibility in the right place. Even if the target audience turned off and try to search for different products, still the brand will be visible to them.
  • Budget – PPC is an ideal option if you are on a really tight budget. It will record your investment and fix the limit of return per day.
  • Targeting – ads need to be targeted properly to reach to the target audience. Generally, the ads are targeted by separate search keywords. Date, time, week, language, geography, devices, generated traffic, audiences are the factors too.
  • Increased speed –getting good visibility is definitely helpful for the business but it takes time. Successful PPC implementation can be done in days and results can be seen in weeks. The visibility results are much faster than the other business strategies.
  • Agility – new online brand products must be tested with the latest technologies. Getting feedback is also a necessary part and PPC is an excellent choice where business agility can be maintained.
  • A/B Testing – A/B test is a vital part of any website. Multiple tests are run on a daily basis and the best result is checked accordingly. Every marketing specialists are bound to check the A/B test to get the best result.
  • Stability – PPC strategy is a very stable strategy no matter what hardship happens. Starting from junk searches to high organic traffic – it can handle every situation.
  • Cost –PPC is not at all a costly strategy. A well-managed PPC can be controlled with not so high-cost. If you are targeting a smaller geographical area then the cost will even lower and provide you with great ROI.

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Final verdict

It’s tough to make a decisionas both of these strategies are really effective.A popular business in a local area can make high benefits with the help of SEO.

If your business is new and related to e-commerce sites then PPC will be a great option to start with.

You can even opt for both of these strategies if you can handle strategies successfully.

Follow the points, opt for the right online business strategy and become a popular digital marketing company in India to get high traffic.

Best of luck!