How to upgrade WordPress?

Upgrade WordPress

As we have come to know these days many people choose to use WordPress to be able to create a new website. Website owners are also quite dependent on WP to help themselves with the editing of their own websites without the help of any developers. You would constantly have to upgrade WordPress if you are to enjoy all the features that are available in it. So downloading the WP program and using it alone is not enough as upgrading it on a regular basis is equally important. There are many themes which are available for free which you can use for your website. Alternatively, you may also choose to have your own theme designed or choose to purchase for the website you are opting to create.

Enjoying new features when you upgrade WordPress

WP constantly keeps releasing different types of upgrades for the CMS platform. These updates often include new features and fixes to relatively small bugs which may have been found in this platform in the previous versions.
Unless you are upgrading WordPress on a regular basis the chances of you enjoying the new features are absent. Only the new upgrades can give you up to date access to all new features. The process of upgrading this program is simple as there are options once you log in where you can click on the upgrade button to start the process of upgrading and to have the program up to date. It does not take a long while if you have good internet connection speed.

Safety tips to follow when you upgrade WordPress

There are a few safety tips to follow when you choose to have your WP upgraded without having to lose content. If you choose to look at the internet and search on how to have the update done without losing the content you
would find different ways that you could use. However, it is always recommended that follow these simple steps mentioned below:

  • The data option has to be enabled.
  • Deleting the older version after having it deactivated.
  • Activate the new version after having it downloaded and installed.
  • Ensure that you clear the WordPress cache.

There is barely any chance of you losing content if you choose to follow the above-mentioned steps to upgrade your WP.
It is also recommended you always do take a backup of your data to ensure that even if there is a mishap you always have a backup which you can go back to. If you choose to use the best WordPress Company in the market they can always professionally do the above-mentioned things. This means that they take complete responsibility for the data that is already present on the website and ensure that there are no losses. These companies are said to operate with
professionals who have used these methods before to effectively upgrade their WP program.