How to Optimize Your WordPress Speed?

Optimize Your WordPress

There are always many tricks that you can choose to use to decrease the time taken to load the WP website. These steps can effectively optimize your WordPress website loading time. This would enhance faster loading of your website both on mobile phones, hand held devices as well as normal computers. Although these steps can sound simple, they play a huge role which in turn goes on to affects the general loading time of your website.

Although you may think that the website created with the help of WP loads faster there are chances that you might be wrong. So, first you would have to ascertain the speed at which your website loads. This may differ depending on the different pages that your website may comprise of. You can use online tools to identify the time it takes to load your website. It may also surprise you that the loading time tends to affect the way in which your website is ranked on Google. This simply means that faster loading websites rank higher on Google than the others. The five important things that help your WordPress website load faster are listed below:

1. Consider changing your web hosting provider: The current web hosting provider that you use can have a huge impact on the time it takes to load your WP website. You should consider a dedicated hosting option as
shared hosting providers offer less than 99% up time per month during peak hour traffic.

2. Using lightweight themes: When you use themes on WP the chances of them consuming time to load is higher when the theme is heavy. So, you might want to consider a theme which is lighter.

3. Image size reduction: A website with many images or ones with heavy images can take a while to load. This can also affect the overall loading time of your website. Instead you can reduce the image size with tools and plugins that are available and have the used to compress image sizes on your website.

4. Cleaning WP database: Getting rid of unwanted data from your database can considerably reduce the time taken to load your WP website. Deleting fake users, spam comments and old drafts can help your website.

5. Deactivate and uninstalling plugins and themes: Many people may not be aware that plugins and themes that are installed on WP may also take a considerable amount of bandwidth making your page load slower. You may remove these unwanted plugins and themes which can further enhance the speed at which your website loads.

If you can follow the above given steps you can make your website load faster. In any case if you are not able to do that the best WordPress Company in India can help you. One thing that you ought to keep in mind is that there are always applications that are available that you can use to make your website faster. This would also help in the overall performance of your website and help it rank higher on Google as well.