How to fix WordPress White Screen of Death

This image shows a person working on a laptop and on his laptop screen "WordPress White Screen of death" is shown.
WordPress White Screen of death

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The WordPress white screen of death can be an issue which can irritate any website and blog owner or the administrator. A lot of people who use the CMS platform face this issue every now and then. In this article you would be able to see a few simple steps which can help you resolve the issue without much external help. Although this issue is considered to be common there are always fixes which you can make use of with relevant ease.

There are many people who get the white screen of death while they are using the CMS platform. Although it may be a cause of concern for beginners you would not really have to worry about it too much as these simple steps can help
you fix it. If these steps do not work for you then you should ideally get in touch with the best WordPress company in India who can help you fix this in an easy manner.

Uninstall Themes and Plugins:

The white screen of death is commonly associated with themes and plugins that you may have installed. This generally happens when the user tries to login to the administrator account or while a person is inside WP and trying to make changes. The main reason for this issue is said to be with some plugins and themes. Incorrect codes, potential conflict different parts of your website, issues with your hosting server, and lack of memory and the common causes for this issue.

Once you have the plugins and themes uninstalled the issue should be fixed. In case it does not get fixed even after uninstalling these you should go on to the next steps.

Resolving Syntax Errors:

Wrong syntax caused by typos on codes can also cause the white screen of death on WP. This may usually happen while you are trying to edit content on your website and you end up accidentally pushing the wrong keys.

Fixing this issue can be done by connecting to your site using SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) and revert back to the previous setting that was working. This can be made simpler if you have the WordPress site backed up.

Increasing Memory for the Application:

Exhausted memory or insufficient memory can also cause the white screen of death on WP. You can simply assign more memory to the WP application which can fix this issue in the simplest of ways.

Checking for a Failed Auto Update:

The white screen of death on WordPress may also caused due to an update failure of the application. This can be fixed by simply updating to the latest version by manually installing it on your computer.

Step by step tutorials are available on popular video sharing platforms which can help you fix the white screen of death. However, the better option to be to consult with the company which manages your WP content and the website. They can use simple fixes and ensure that your site or blog is up and running in a matter of few minutes. This would not just save you time but also help you from avoiding the chances of worsening the existing situation.