Five SEO tips you need to know in 2019

Five SEO Tips You Need to Know in 2019

There are thousands of companies targeting consumers in India. Most of them are turning to SEO as a marketing strategy. This tells how SEO is becoming competitive. To remain the best SEO Company in India, keeping updated about SEO is ideal. Search Engines are consistently changing their algorithms and strategies. Therefore, it is worth staying updated with SEO tips and tricks every year.

Focus on keyword research

Focusing on keywords is what the expert SEO companies are applying to beat others in search engine visibility. You need to ask yourself a simple question. ‘If I was searching for my company on the internet, which words could I use?& This is essential when determining SEO keywords.

To beat the competition, you should research which syntax the researchers are most likely to use when searching for the information related to your company. Optimized company contents will speak the same language with the searchers. You can use the keyword tool to help you plan the best keywords for the company’s contents.

Use the keywords cautiously

Having researched keywords, you have to use them proficiently. You must make your contents not only search engine friendly but also reader-friendly. You can check how experts use their keyword. Unnatural use of a keyword will not only make the content nasty to readers but also unfair in competition. Search engines will eventually find and penalize you for keyword stuffing.

Apply quality backlinks
Application of backlinks is a simple checklist to generate traffic in the company’s sites. Failing to apply quality backlinks is something that is dragging your site behind your competitor.

Backlinks are important in SEO because they represent confidence in your contents. If you get lucky and get many sites linking to your site, search engines will confidently rank your site up.

Earning backlinks from a high rated website might make your firm one of the best companies. That means that some backlinks are more qualified than others.

Prioritize mobile optimization
Mobile optimization is a process of ensuring that your site is friendly to mobile devices. This is another checklist used as best SEO tip. This is mostly determined by the compatibility of the site to different screens.

Many users in India access the internet through mobile devices. You might have been able to rank your site up but it is not compatible with mobile devices. This will turn your potential customers away. Your dream of becoming the best in your field will be faded by just skipping mobile optimization. Remember that most Indians (70%) access the internet using mobile phones. What a loss?

You should test your website with Google mobile-friendly tool and do what they recommend.

Improve site loading speed
Improving site speed is SEO ideal trick. You can visit the best sites and test their loading speed under normal circumstances. This is also a simple trick that might make search engines rank your site up.

A company should bear in mind that the quick site increase the sale rate, subscriptions, etc. to enable faster loading speed here are some things to try;

  • You can hire SEO expert,
  • Try a faster web hosting
  • Remove big files e.g. images
  • Use Google recommendations tool


If your company’s site follows the above SEO tips to the latter, definitely, it will fairly rank up. You should have noticed that failing in one of the above could be a reason why your company is not among the best companies.
Getting more assistance from Google is also a trick.