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ERP Solution for Warehouse Management:

Managing the inventory of a warehouse or distribution center can be unmanageable0 and time consuming process. There are many points where errors in labeling, storage location or stock levels can leave employees frustrated and customers very unhappy. Working in multiple locations can add complications.

Warehouse management technology is a good solution and even better when part of an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. e-karigar, an industry leader in inventory management products, offers several technology solutions for successful inventory management of all sizes of warehouse operations. They also have the experience and expertise to recommend options for integration with other 3rd party tools like; Bio-Metric Attendance Systems, Accounts, Packaging Machines, Fork Lifts, RF-enabled bar-code scanning devices etc.

Modules Covered in E-karigar’s Warehouse Management System:

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  • Product Managment
  • Supplier Management
  • Single Supplier with multiple companies
  • Supply Order Module
  • Multiple product order to same supplier
  • Self Consumable Products Order Placement (Bags, Boxes, Pallets, Stationery, etc.)
  • Truck Arrival & Unloading
  • Rejection Management
  • Part Rejection
  • Full Rejection
  • Low Rate Acceptance of Rejected Goods
  • Reject & Sell in Market
  • Client / Buyer Management
  • Multiple Buyer Location
  • Sales Contract Generation
  • Live Vessel Schedule
  • Auto Packing (Bags/Boxes) Calculator
  • Job Order Generator for: Grading Team, Packing Team & Logistics Team
  • Time Bound Alerts System for All Parties
  • Work Distribution & Tracking System
  • Export Documentation Module
  • Container Management
  • Photo Proof Collection System
  • Dispatch System
  • Purchase Summery
  • Sales Summery
  • Work Distribution Checklist
  • Rejected Goods Summery
  • Payment Processing
  • Cheque Printing
  • Inventory Status Monitor
  • Past and Future Inventory Status
  • Reports & Analysis
  • Dashboard for Management Review
  • Mobile APP For - Dashboard & On field Data Entry
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